Real Estate Delivered

Every place has potential. Successfully identifying and delivering on that promise takes creativity, collaboration and calibration.

VelocityRED is a commercial real estate development, investment and consulting company located in Downtown Orlando. At VelocityRED, we crave the complex. We utilize a multi-disciplinary approach grounded in sound industry practices. We leverage strategic partnerships to shape the urban fabric and deliver extraordinary results.

Brooke Myers founded VelocityRED in 2010 with the audacity of a big vision and the tenacity to build something impactful. Brooke has been involved with over $400 million in development projects and more than $1 billion in real estate investment, including large-scale master planned projects, multi-family residential, commercial office and hospitality/hotel developments.

VelocityRED is working on several high-profile developments in Downtown Orlando, including Creative Village and AdventHealth Health Village, and has delivered multiple successful projects in collaboration with the Ustler Group of Companies.